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Editeur:  Les éditions Au pays rêvé

Isbn:  978-2-919342-01-3

Ean:  9782919342013

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202 pages

Genre:  Romans

Thème:  Romansdegenre

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Travels with my virtual lover

Book 1 - Touché!

It all really began when I listened to my friends.


Catherine Beaufort arrived in London from France in 1967 with a mini-skirt above the knee and her life began to change. “London made me!” she claims. The hippy movement seduced her and she came back to travel the world. She first travelled with her girl friend, for three years and then with her now English husband, for eleven years, while working here and there, so as to buy her airplane tickets. She became a French teacher of young children and enrolled at the age of 32, in evening courses at London University, Birkbeck College, to gain access to French and English Literature all the way to a Master’s Degree. This new form of travel enabled her to assist international children and with them, cross boundaries in a multicultural society.

To seduce a mature woman is not as easy as it looks for a London City Boy, just before the Crisis of 2008. Catherine, a free spirit, in her mid fifties, discovers and reveals nuances of her psyche as her mind travels backwards and forwards through her colourful life. Her friends’ pieces of advice to ensure she remains emotionally alive from the day she met Myles, have reached all her dormant senses and renewed her forgotten sexual desire. The new way of meeting people is at the tip of our fingers.

It all really began when the magical joli mois de May arrived – at last !
It all really began when Guy took my photo à la Marilyn Monroe, the 13th of May 2006, on the Boulevard Sébastopol, in Paris. I was 55 years and one day old. I was about to become my niece's godmother – at the age of 11, she was going to be baptised. Her choice.