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Catherine Beaufort

Catherine Beaufort arrived in London from France in 1967 with a mini-skirt above the knee and her life began to change. “London made me!” she claims. The hippy movement seduced her and she came back to travel the world. She first travelled with her girl friend, for three years and then with her now English husband, for eleven years, while working here and there, so as to buy her airplane tickets. She became a French teacher of young children and enrolled at the age of 32, in evening courses at London University, Birkbeck College, to gain access to French and English Literature all the way to a Master’s Degree. This new form of travel enabled her to assist international children and with them, cross boundaries in a multicultural society.

- Travels with my virtual lover, Book 1 - Touché!;
Editions Au pays rêvé, 2014
Voyages avec mon amant virtuel – Book I – Le genou

(Translated: Touché!)
Voyages avec mon amant virtuel – Book II – Le couvercle
(Translation in English in progress)
Voyages avec mon amant virtuel – Book III – Le silence
(Translation in English in progress)
Book IV – Fort – l’illustre femelle
(translation in English in progress)

AuteursCatherine Beaufort